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The Ultra Trail Whislter by UTMB 50K course offers a variety of terrain, challenge, and beauty. Hitting many of the highlights of the 100K course, this route will keep you in awe every step of the way.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


54.7 KM

Elevation Gain

3358 M+

Start Date

Saturday 28th September 2024

Race Start

Creekside Skill Park at Whistler Blackcomb - 07:00

Max Allowed Race Time

10 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

Starting in Creekside, runners will begin to ascend Whistler via Earth Circus, Bengal Bear and Una Moss to the Roundhouse Lodge. At the RHL, runners will head down to Harmony Lakes Loop via Spearhead and out to High Note trail to enjoy some Alpine terrain. They will then head over to the Musical Bumps, a series of rolling ascents in high alpine meadows, before descending 11km down Singing Pass to the base of Whistler.

From there, runners will do a short pavement run to then climb the Ascent Trail on Blackcomb to the Rendez Vous lodge and run the shorter Overlord Loop to Marmot trail in the Alpine. Returning to the RendezVous after Marmot trail, runners will descend Blackcomb on a combination of access roads and lower hiking trails (still to be determined for exact route).

Once at the base of Blackcomb, runners will cut through the upper village to get back to the base of Whistler and begin their final ascent to midstation. Depending on our access to the bike park in late September, this will either be via a trail called “EZ does it” or up a combination of ski slopes/access roads. Once at midstation level, runners will continue towards Creekside via a combination of ski slopes/access roads until they get a few hundred meters above the finish line, where they will be routed down Earth Circus (a subtle nod to where you began your day), across the finish line across from the iconic Dusty’s where a finish line celebration awaits.​

*Courses subject to change.

Images courtesy of Tourism Whistler, photographed by Justa Jeskova, Mike Crane, Clint Trahan, Gary Fattal.