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The 100K course shows runners the full variety of what is offered on Whistler trails. Runners will experience everything from river trails to high alpine vistas in this challenging yet stunning course.

Race Category


Running Stones


Finals Access


99.7 KM

Elevation Gain

4960 M+

Start Date

Saturday 28th September 2024

Race Start

Gord's Garden Trailhead - 05:00

Max Allowed Race Time

20 Hours



Course Description

Course Description

Runners will begin their day on a northern part of the Sea to Sky trail, beginning at Gord’s Garden and making their way via the Green Lake loop to the Lost Lake trail network. Once through the Lost Lake trails, The Passive House connector trail will lead them to the base of Blackcomb and the Ascent trail. From the RendezVous, runners will take on a loop of Overlord, Decker and Lakeside loop, ultimately descending Blackcomb on a combination of access roads and trails to the valley floor.​

Crossing over Fitz Creek on Blackcomb Way, runners will once again begin to ascend, this time via Singing Pass and the musical bumps back towards the Peak. Taking on Top of the World and Khyber pass, they will begin a technical descent on a series of mountain bike trails and access roads. From there, they will loop Loggers Lake, returning via Westside road trail back to the riverside trail towards their final ascent on Lower Microwave Tower Road. Finally into the Creekside Bike Park, runners will retrace their steps, descending Earth Circus to their well-deserved Finish Line Celebration.

*Courses subject to change.

Images courtesy of Tourism Whistler, photographed by Justa Jeskova, Mike Crane, Clint Trahan, Gary Fattal.